River Bait-Live Bait-Minnows-Worms-Roe for sale


We at Skippers Tackle don’t count our minnows we provide large scoops you will always have enough for the day.

Our minnows can be legally transported and use in most places in Ontario. Some restrictions may apply. Check Ontario Fishing Regulations for individual water bodies restrictions.

We sell the best live bait. All sizes of minnows. Our minnows are oxygen packed and strapped. We supply bait bag. Or bring your own pale or minnow bucket.

Please re-use bag. Help Protect the Environment.

Bait on hand today

Bait Type
Small Emerald Shiners up to 2″ Excellent N/A
Large Emerald Shiners 2″ – 3.5″ Excellent Good
River Fish – for crappie & perch 2″ – 3″ Excellent Good
Pike Minnows, River Fish 4″ – 6″ Excellent Good
Pike Minnows, River Fish 6″ – 8″ Excellent Good
Pike, Minnows, River Fish 8″ – 10″ Excellent N/A
Trout Worms/Red Small Excellent Good
Green Worms Reg Excellent N/A
Nightcrawlers (reg. worms) 1 or 2 doz. Large Excellent Good
Maggots/white Regular Excellent N/A
Waxworms Reg/Lg Excellent N/A
Butter Worms Reg Excellent N/A

Roe is now available 12 tied bags per container

We also offer Dead bait for the lakes that do not permit live bait 

We also sell Large Canadian Night crawlers in Flats 0f 500 please give us one to two days to get them in for you a deposit will be required