How to catch more walleye

Walleye Fishing

The soft bite Walleye on a Skippers feeding minnow Jig. 

Soft water fishing or Hard water Fishing

Have you ever gone Walleye fishing with a buddy that hooks twice the amount you did while using the same skippers jig. There can be a couple reasons why. 

When jigging I have found that a great deal of walleye bite when the jig is on its way down from the twitch. By the time you are going to give it another twitch up the Walleye has already spit the jig out after feeling the hook and went on its way. If you pay close attention to the feel of your rod and watch the line you can often feel or see this slight bump. It is important that you set the hook right at that moment…fish on! 

A lot of walleye also inhale then spit the jig several times as they follow it. You feel the bump and set the hook several times but miss every time. This is usually because the walleye doesn’t have the jig far enough into its mouth and the hook won’t finds its mark. A couple of very tiny twitches will often encourage the walleye to get a better mouth hold on the jig it thinks is trying to get away. You will feel a bigger bump or tug then set the hook….fish on! 

Knowing and understanding the feel of the bite can take a bit of time to figure out but once you do I guarantee you will have more success.

James Asplund