How to catch more fish

Hi Mates,

Below are 13 tips i can think of to help catch more fish. They are basic tips aimed at first timers or people new to the exciting world of fishing.

1) Use as small a sinker as you can. You want to be able to feel the fish biting so you can strike on the line to set the hook in. If fishing with bait in water less than 5M deep you may not even need to use a sinker as the weight of the bait will cause the line to sink.

2) Target a particular species of fish. Certain fish feed at different levels. Determine what species of fish you are after and set your rigs and choose your bait accordingly.

3) Fish around sunrise or sunset. Almost all fish species prefer to feed during these times so you are more likely toa floor rapidly changes). Fish also tend to stay in areas with structures in them (rock formations, piers, jetty’s, tree branches etc.)

5) Burley up (Chum up). Burleying (Chumming) i have greater success.

4) Look for unusual or different terrain to fish around. Fish tend to concentrate around steep underwater drop offs (areas where the depth of the ses a great way to get the attention of fish and to keep them around. Keep a constant supply or burley coming and you will keep a constant supply of fish coming over as well. (check Regulations regarding chumming in your Area)

6) Fish with multiple lines to increase your chances of catching multiple fish. Try throwing 2 lines in per person and it will double your odds of catching that big fish you are chasing.

7) Learn when to strike the line. You need to strike the line (pull back fast on the line) to set the hook in a fish’s mouth. Knowing when to do this is half the challenge of catching a fish. The best way is to experiment and to see what works best. Try striking immediately and if that doesn’t work try leaving the hook around the fish a little longer before striking on the line. Remember, the best time to strike varies from day to day, species to species and from one fish to another so be open to change.

8) If the fish don’t bite move on to another location. This is easier on a boat but it is also true of shore based fishing as well. If they are not biting, reel your line in and try a different spot.

9) Look for where other people are fishing and consider joining them. If there is a group of people fishing in one spot there is usually a reason why, so go and join them.

10) If your on holiday or fishing a new spot, ask a local for some tips and advice. Local knowledge is invaluable and most fishermen will give you a few hints and tips to get you on your way.

11) Use technology to get more fish. GPS and Fish finders are great tools for finding good terrain to fish. If your fishing from a boat make sure you have these two devices installed. If fishing from the shore, keep up to date with the weather and fishing forecasts.

12) Setup good fishing rigs before you go fishing. It is easier to make some good rigs on land rather than on a rocking boat. Even if you fish from the shore it is nice to have a collection of rigs that you can change over easily. Also remember to learn some good knots that you know how to do back to front. You will regret not learning a good knot when a big fish comes and breaks your line.

13) Use the correct size hooks for the fish that you are targeting. Everyone likes to think there going to catch a huge Musky but in reality the fish you will catch will be much smaller than your imagination. Use as small a hook as you can.

These tips are sure to help you catch more fish. So get out there and have a go with these tips in mind.